Painter, Sculptor, Writer. Pedro Molina

Pedro Molina Picture

Painter, Sculptor, Writer.

He made his first exhibition in Marbella in the Exhibition Hall of the Popular University in 1984.

Since 1984 exhibits regularly.

In the 90s he met John Ove Hansson, director of the “H” Gallery and shared a wall with great artists such as Tápies Jiménez, Lindström, Cristo etc.….
In this gallery he meets Luisa Alberto, director of the Quattro Decoraçao de Leiria gallery in Portugal where he holds several exhibitions, including the first time the “Minotaurs” are shown with the occasional altercation due to the anti-bullfighting environment of the Portuguese people.
In 2009 and 2010 he traveled to Beijing to learn Chinese gouache (Shui mo hua) and perfect the art of Taichí.
These days he continues with his paintings and works with the galleries Huber Plataform (Estepona, Spain), Toro Arte Contemporanea (Sessa Aurunca, Italy), Art By Leyton (Marbella, Spain) and ArtUnity (Granada, Spain)

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