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Sol Felpeto (1990) is a multicultural artist born in Venezuela. She spent her childhood and adolescence between Buenos Aires-Madrid and sporadically living in other countries with her family.

In Argentina she began her studies in veterinary medicine school but after three years she decided to follow her creative rush and at the age of 21 she moved for good to Spain and studied Fashion and Creative Direction at European Institute of Design (IED). Those four years of creative studies  led to develop herself as an illustrator and painter within her own style called «Poop Arttoons», a mixture of art, humor and animals. She graduated in June 2016 and immediately participated in her very first exhibition along with other artists of the new generation. This is when she takes the first step towards art as a profession. 

Her work seeks to translate art into something immediately catchy, making a connection between  known and  new to create emotions is my goal. My creative process parts on a deep study of my references in order to overlap my personal universe with them so I can rewrite history with animals as main characters. These characters were born out of my need to surprise the audience, look for interaction and  raise awareness

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