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Artist, photographer & designer

Born in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Paris, in1958, François Duerinckx Wanson studied in France’s leading photography schools.

However, his true passionhas always been racing. Fascinated by the mechanics of motoring and fineengineering, his engagement in the world of excellence has always beenaccompanied by beautiful design.

A mechanic of famed René Metge and founder of ‘Etoile Tuning 78’ forMercedes Benz, he specialised in tuning AMG, Brabus and Carlsson supercars.Twice participant in the Paris-Moscow-Beijing Rally and other world races inTunisia, Morocco, Chile and Argentina, his adventurous spirit put him behindthe wheel for the ‘R5 Alpine Turbo Coupe’ and also at the renowned ‘PorscheCarrera Cup’. His most memorable races have no doubt been ‘La Coupedes Alpes’ on board a 911RS and a ‘Canon Ball’, driving a 911 Speedster thatgranted him a third place finish.Twenty years into this scene of racing and high-end-tuning, François went on to take charge of a small Honda dealership in Viroflay in 1985, and lateropened - and specialized in - Mercedes.

His know-how has developed and evolved over several years of activetrademarks in the fashion and luxury industry. He talks to us about the closerelationship between automotive branding and art, and uses its materials inhis creations. 

At the same time, he reflects his particular views on the worldin his work, in his own language.

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